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Men and women who can help clear our path

Thomas MertonCatherine of SienaPierre Teilhard de ChardinSt. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne

What We Can Learn from the Saints
Reflections on the lessons taught by the heroes of faith
by Molly Wolf & Lowell Grisham

What Do Our Neighbors Believe?

How is the human condition understood? What is the nature of God? What is the relationship between God and humanity? And
much more

Practicing Holiness on Ordinary Days
Daily Quotes for the Pentecost Season

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Guided Prayer for Gratitude

Audio (mp3) and text versions of
Morning, Night-time and Healing Prayers

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Praying with your Heart

The Divine Hours
A Complete Guide to the Ancient Practice of Fixed Hour Prayer

Prayers for Living

Short prayers for work and leisure

Pocket Prayers
for your wallet, mirror, or memory

Pray for Those in Need
Add your prayer request to our interactive prayer list

Plus: Thoughts on why, where, when, what and how to pray

Oasis-A Place to Meditate

Guided meditation using music, reading, art, poetry, and the spoken word to bring you closer to God.


Focus on Film

25 years later, still posing important questions about what makes us human


Losing You Too Soon
Books of Hope and Healing
after a miscarriage

Tears of Sorrow, Seeds of Hope


Lifelines- Exploring Life Issues

Striking a Balance for the Holidays:
Tools for reducing the stress and celebrating the holy

Stepping Stones for Spiritual Growth

What We Really Need
It turns out that all the hardware we struggle to obtain and maintain isn't what is needful, that what we really need is within us, and has been all the time. ...

  Notes on Music
  Bruce Springsteen
With the release of his new album Magic, we wonder, is Bruce Springsteen following in the footsteps of the ancient prophets?

Questions of Faith and Doubt

What if God doesn't answer my prayers?

Is going to church necessary for salvation?

Read more Questions of Faith and Doubt

Christianity FAQ

Why are there so many different Christian denominations?

Your Spiritual Coach
Strategies for approaching life's challenges with God at your side

Advice for practicing gratitude

What are you asking?


Fertile Soil in a Barren Land:
A Desert Odyssey for the Soul
by Renée Miller

Fertile Soil in a Desert Land  
Reflections for Your Journey    
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