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Gratitude means much more than an attitude. Attached to it are a host of soul-stirring feelings: joy, relief, devotion, admiration, appreciation, and often love. Gratefulness for the gifts we receive—especially those that aren't requested or may not be deserved—changes our whole being. Where before we saw lack, now there's abundance, loss transforms to opportunity, brittle spirits overflow with hope.

But true gratitude is also tied up with faith. Practicing gratitude means that sometimes we must be grateful even when we are unsure of an outcome, trusting nonetheless that God’s gifts are never-ending and far beyond our imaginings. When we are grounded in the surety of God’s goodness and the steadfastness of God’s love, and gratefulness permeates our thoughts, words and relationships, our world is changed, and with it our lives.

Thanksgiving Worship
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The Gospel of Thanks-living
by Bob Hansel
All other human efforts to infuse life with meaning and purpose start from the perspective of getting something we don't already have, whereas Christianity starts with the understanding that we have already received all there is to have. What remains is how to say thanks for that incredible gift…

Grace and Gratitude
by The Rev. Joanna Adams
The grace of God—in it we live our lives, and if there is nothing we can do to take that away, then there is nothing left for us to do except to be God's grateful people, to offer up an overflowing cup of thanksgiving back to God, a full cup of gratitude spilling out of everything we say and do…

Choose Contentment
by Renee Miller
Think of what occurs in your own life when you start feeling unhappy with the way things are and begin wishing how wonderful your life would be if only… such and such would happen. …It is as if the thing you want, the thing that seems so ideal, actually steals away the joy of God’s gifts that are all around you. As your dissatisfaction grows, so does your complaining spirit.

Giving in Return
by Bob Hansel
As St. Paul tells us, “Will not the One who has given us all things, even the life of his only son, also freely give us even eternal life?” God’s generosity is a model for us--a standard by which to measure our own commitment. The question is: Are we ready and able to live a life characterized by extreme generosity?...

Compared to What
by John Claypool
I want to give you a sure-fire formula for how to be utterly miserable at the place at which you find yourself today. And that is to compare yourself to other people. Compare the amount of money you have to the amount of money Bill Gates has at this moment. Compare your athletic ability to that of the man that hit 70 home runs. Compare your mental capacity to Einstein. You can always find people out there who have more of everything than you have…

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