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Pray for Those in Need
Pray for Those in Need
  The names below came from explorefaith visitors requesting your prayers, either for themselves or for someone they hold close in their heart. We invite you to add to this list as well. Send us the name of a person, a place, a group, anything you wish to surround with prayer, and we will post it here for the prayers of others. We have also included some suggestions for praying the names. This process can help you open your soul to the names below, and open your eyes to the wonder of heaven.

Introduction to
Praying for Others

A Process for
Praying for Others
1. Sit quietly and center yourself in the present moment.
2. Slowly read each name listed.
3. As you read imagine the name floating into your heart.
4. Bring your awareness to being in the presence of God.
5. Open your heart and ask God to read the names that are written there.
6. Thank God for the time you’ve spent together and
for listening and answering you
in your prayers.

To add a name to the Prayer List:
enter a first name only in the space below,
then click on the Submit button.
(Names may take up to a day to appear on the list .)

Prayer List
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