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Barbara CraftonThe Rev. Barbara Cawthorne Crafton
Episcopal priest, spiritual director and author

Barbara Crafton, an Episcopal priest and author of numerous books, heads the Geranium Farm, an institute promoting spiritual formation. She was rector of St.Clement's Church in Manhattan's Theatre district: an actress, director and producer, she has worked for many years in combining the lively arts and the life of faith. She was also a chaplain on the waterfront of New York, and served both historic Trinity Church, Wall Street, and St. John's Church in Greenwich Village. She was a chaplain at Ground Zero during the recovery effort after the WTC bombing.

Crafton's books, articles, and radio scripts have won many awards, including numerous Polly Bond Awards from Episcopal Communicators and the coveted Gabriel Award for religious broadcasting. She is seen frequently on television both as a preacher and as a commentator on Hallmark's New Morning and American at Worship, and has been profiled extensively in electronic and print media throughout the world.

Her books include The Sewing Room, Finding Time for Serenity, Meditations on the Book of Psalms, Let Every Heart Prepare: Meditations for Advent and Christmas, Living Lent: Meditations for These Forty Days, Blessed Paradoxes: The Beatitudes as Painted Prayer, Yes! We'll Gather at the River and, most recently, The Almost-Daily eMos, a collection of daily essays she emails to thousands of readers every day. Her Mass in Time of War, a book about political and spiritual realities in the current war, will
be published by Cowley Press in the summer of 2003. She is also at work on a book of essays on middle age, Some Things You Just Have to Live With, to be published by Morehouse Publishing, in the
fall. Her essays and reviews have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Christian Century, Self, New Woman, Family Circle, Readers' Digest and many other periodicals in the USA and abroad.

To add your name to the Almost-Daily eMo list, visit Barbara Crafton's Web site at http://www.geraniumfarm.org

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