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  John Claypool
The Rev. Dr. John R. Claypool
Rector, St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Birmingham, Alabama

One of the country's most compelling preachers, Dr. Claypool offered outstanding ministry in several leading Southern Baptist congregations prior to his Episcopal ordination. The author of eight books including Tracks of a Fellow Struggler, his moving personal journal following the death of his young daughter, Claypool was a featured speaker on "The Protestant Hour," deliverer of the Beecher Lectures on Preaching at Yale Divinity School, and conference leader at the College of Preachers.

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Mystery and Mysticism
How can I explore the mystery?

Reflections for Your Journey Brief Insights on Spirituality and Religion

The Nature of Faith
I think one of our big problems is that we've never really understood
clearly the nature of faith...

Our Search for Truth
As you ask the question, "I, why? Why do I believe what I do?" I
invite you to realize that authentic truth is of the same cloth...

The Gift of Being
Is there a way that those of us afflicted with suffering, is there
a way that we can turn that into something constructive and not
let it continue to wound us?...

The Promise of Perfection
It is so important to realize that those famous words at the last part of the fifth
chapter of Matthew, "Be you therefore perfect even as your father in heaven is
perfect," are a promise and not an imperative...

The Reality of Faith
When we enter a search for religious reality, we need to sit down
before a fact like a little child, exactly as the faithful scientist

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"Faith: Another Avenue to Knowledge" • March 10, 2000

"Why Do I Do What I Do?" •
March 9, 2000

"Never, Never, Never, Give Up" •
March 10, 1999

"Compared to What?" • March 9, 1999

"A Wounded Healer" • March 8, 1999

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